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Bailey Theatrical was founded in 2013 by the Broadway and Off Broadway producer/investor Ben Bailey. After successfully running several businesses, Ben was able to switch focuses and fulfill a lifelong dream; to bring his business acumen to the world of Broadway. Bailey theatrical focuses on producing, investing, and collaborating on Broadway and Off Broadway shows in New York City. The first of which is the historic and award winning musical, Daddy Long Legs.

Bailey Theatrical is now expanding their producing portfolio by actively seeking out diverse, groundbreaking and compelling new projects. Our criteria for picking productions is based on the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces themselves. Bailey Theatrical is in the business of bringing the stories that we feel should be heard to one of the most powerful platforms in the world, the Broadway stage. We also make it our goal to seek out projects that are financially viable and favorable for our investors. In fact, we believe that these two qualities are not mutually exclusive, but are instead inseparable from one another.

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“I recognized in Ben something that is very rare in the business of Broadway: an incredible passion for the theater combined with an astute business sense. That combination is exactly what I look for in producing partners,” Davenport said. “Being a producer is like being the owner of a small business. You have to be good at all of it, from the accounting to the marketing to the relationships with your employees.  Ben's got all that.”

-Ken Davenport, Tony Award Winning Producer